Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise – Which to Prefer?

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Is your basic ecommerce platform giving you headaches? If yes, you might want to choose an enterprise ecommerce platform that can meet needs of your business. This is because every business wants to rise to top.

Nowadays, Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus are two big players which allow you to burgeon in today’s retail territory. Here are some key points where differences lie between the two:

Comparing the Two

When it comes to multi-store management, both platforms can help you manage your several b2b stores. Yet, you would find a mere variation in how they do it. Exceptionally, most reviewers are lauded by Shopify’s ease-of-use for e-store functionality. However, Shopify doesn’t meet expectations of multiple store owners as such. On the contrary, Magento Enterprise get premium points as retailers can easily manage their all several brands from single interface.

When it comes to plug-Ins and extensions, Shopify beats Magento with its plethora of apps, plug-ins and extensions. Both are equally good in offering free and paid installations depending on what your business requirements are.

Managing your business internationally is also possible with Shopify. But, when you want insights of each business location, Magento is better option here.

Both platforms can equip your store with themes and templates to enhance its appeal. Magento beats Shopify on granting more templates at lower cost. Good part is you can customize these templates as per your brand image and demand of business.

Security of your site and customer’s sensitive data is crucial during Ecommerce. You can’t risk your business by choosing a wrong ecommerce platform. Shopify plus and Magento ecommerce, both of them offers PCI compliance. So, you don’t need to worry to search for other security tools. Your business is 100% safe no matter what you choose.

Make a decision

If you wish for an ecommerce platform that allows you to tweak and craft your ecommerce site then Magento Enterprise comes out on top.

Don’t rush your final decision. As long as ecommerce platform helps you to move forward, you are in good hands. While choosing a direction, mull over your business strategies and goals. Since, ecommerce is on revolutionary pace, you can’t just rely on basic needs. Instead, opt for an enterprise ecommerce platform so you can get the best for your business.


Grow your business. Engage with more shoppers.

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